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"Technology company meets patent law firm. We protect tomorrow's most innovative ideas with the latest technologies."
Patrick Stuhlmüller, Chief Information Officer (CIO)
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Interdisciplinary cooperation

The noventive group consists of a technology company and a patent law firm as well as cooperating attorneys and law firms in the partner network.

Interdisciplinary, we follow three guidelines every day in order to ensure the long-term business success of patent attorneys and clients:

  1. Connect clients with the patent and trademark attorney best suited to them and their invention.
  2. Ensure that our partner attorneys can fully focus on providing legal advice to their clients.
  3. Facilitate a professional, modern cooperation between client and attorney.

With the German and European offices (DPMA, EPA) as well as the Federal Patent Court (BPatG) right on our doorstep, noventive patent attorneys represent their clients from application to enforcement.

"Innovative products deserve modern legal advice"

Manual processes, paper files, non-transparent costs and practiced industry formalism still characterize everyday life in law firms - even though the most innovative products of tomorrow are at stake.

As a mechanical engineer and patent attorney, Jens Reinhard repeatedly notes that many lawyers like to work in a modern and self-determined way. At the same time, clients are looking for more transparency in the industry - regardless of whether they are medium-sized companies, start-ups or corporations. Together with Alexander Füg, who for many years has helped his clients as a management consultant and business information scientist to build up business models with maximum customer focus, the idea for an IP platform was born: noventive.

Through noventive, innovative clients finally receive equally innovative and professional advice in patent, trademark and design law.

The founders of noventive: Alexander Füg and Jens Reinhard
Alexander Füg
CEO & Co-Founder
Jens Reinhard
COO & Co-Founder, patent attorney


Even though many things are possible virtually today, human relationships still work best in personal contact. With Design Offices we have found a reliable and professional partner for our office space and ultra-modern meeting rooms. In all major German cities as well as in Munich alone at seven locations these are available to our partner attorneys and their clients in a highly flexible manner.

The noventive main location is located directly at the Olympiapark with ideal infrastructure access. With New Work as the leading design principle, lawyers and clients have access to an innovative and inspiring working environment.

noventive office
noventive office
noventive office
noventive office
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