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"We have the right patent attorney for you, who will represent you from registration to the long-term enforcement of your rights."
Jens Reinhard, Chief Operations Officer (COO), Patent and trademark attorney
Transparent, fair and intelligible. As your reliable partner for domestic representation in Germany and Europe, we place particular emphasis on the selection of the appropriate patent attorney and maximum transparency in our daily work.

Therefore, your attorney will always first discuss next steps before any costs are incurred.

Patent attorneys are professionally experienced engineers and scientists with sound legal expertise in intellectual property.

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Get to know your attorney and discuss chances of success for the protection of your innovation.


Depending on your individual concern we provide you with a detailed overview of requested services and costs.

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With a lifetime of over 20 years in some cases, intellectual property rights are long-term matters that we take on diligently. Benefit from our future-proof, digital infrastructure.

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Find an experienced patent attorney

Intellectual property rights are the basis of sustainable business success and protect you against your competitors. Incorrect, incomplete or poorly drafted patent applications, on the other hand, can jeopardize the existence of the company. That is why it is crucial to choose a patent attorney who is an expert in the technical field of your innovation.

Success factors for finding your patent attorney:

Technical expertise

Compared to attorneys at law, patent attorneys are highly specialized in a specific field due to their initial scientific or technical studies. This know-how should match the technical field of your invention, so that the experienced patent attorney can competently advise and represent you - from the patent application to the enforcement of your rights.

Direct communication

Direct, fast and personal contact with the attorney and his team should always be guaranteed. At noventive, you benefit from an end-to-end digital law firm infrastructure. If you nevertheless value an on-site visit, we are there for you in Munich, and by arrangement also at your location. In addition, with our headquarters in Munich, we have all the important offices right on our doorstep.


Since intellectual property rights are a long-term matter, you should get along well with your patent attorney from the very beginning - both professionally and personally. The best way to identify sympathy and professional competence is in the free initial consultation.

Why spend a long time searching, when it can be so easy?

Through intelligent matching, we ensure that you as a client find the patent attorney best suited to your concerns and your invention.
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Free initial consultation

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Regardless of whether you are filing an IP right for the first time, are already the owner of existing IP rights, are managing a patent portfolio or need support for your patent department - your patent attorney and, if necessary, his team will be at your side for the long term.

Let us counsel you confidentially on requirements, filing strategy, success factors, timing and usual costs.

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Step 3

Receive a fixed price offer

Overview of services and costs in advance

Your attorney will discuss possibilities, opportunities and risks before costs are incurred. If required, you will receive a transparent flat-fee offer with a detailed scope of services for optimal protection for your invention.

Step 4

Long-term collaboration

Placing property rights in future-proof hands

The field of intellectual property is undergoing a digital transformation. With our end-to-end digital infrastructure, we combine the advantages of a patent law firm and a modern technology company, making us a pioneer in the industry.

Intellectual property rights, in particular patents, trademarks and designs, sometimes have a term of more than 20 years and are therefore a long-term task that we take on diligently. For a sustainable cooperation, not only the technical expertise of the patent attorney and the highest quality standards are crucial, but also the personal level. noventive patent attorneys have a modern mindset, down-to-earth mentality and are always at your side.

We take care that your innovations and inventions are future-proofed against infringement.

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Protect your innovations and valuable assets, now

Discuss with your attorney potential courses of action and prospects of success for the protection of your products and inventions.

As professionally experienced engineers and scientists with sound legal expertise, patent attorneys understand your innovations - from expert to expert. Thanks to their legal studies and stations at the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) in Munich and the Federal Patent Court (BPatG), they know exactly what matters to the decision-makers at the Office.
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