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Innovators protect your valuable intellectual property

Invention, new product or company foundation - Patent and trademark attorneys represent you reliably and on a long-term basis.

The services of patent attorneys at a glance

Protect your technical invention

File a patent or utility model

Protect your company name, logo or product

File a trademark

Protect your product design and drafts

File a design
IP Prosecution
IP Litigation
IP Consulting
Protect yourself against your competition

National, international and worldwide representation

IP Prosecution

Professional research
(Inter)national applications
Comprehensive monitoring services

IP Litigation

Information, desistance & compensation
Opposition and nullity proceedings
Opposition and cancellation proceedings

IP Consulting

IP counseling & IP management
Invention harvesting workshops
Innovation management & employee invention law
IP Prosecution

Gain your property rights

Professional research

With over 3 million patent applications and over 11 million trademark applications worldwide every year, a comprehensive overview is essential. A professional AI-based search by an expert saves you expensive disputes and reduces your overall costs.

Prior art evaluations
Competition analyses
Trademark and design researches
Freedom-to-operate analyses

(Inter)national applications

Whether patent, utility model, trademark or design: Patent and trademark attorneys will prepare your application (inter-)nationally with a view to maximum protection. They take into account possible obstacles that may arise during the application process.

Patent applications
Utility model applications
Trademark applications
Design applications

Comprehensive monitoring services

With the successful grant you enjoy the extensive protection of your idea, secure competitive advantages and convince investors and business partners. Since offices and authorities do not monitor your intellectual property rights, our partner attorneys take care of this in an uncomplicated and long-term cost-effective manner. This way you always keep an eye on the competition.

Patent monitoring
Trademark monitoring
Competition monitoring
Annual fee monitoring
IP Litigation

Enforce your rights

Information, omission & compensation

How well a patent, trademark or design really protects, often only becomes apparent after years with the first infringement of competition.  We will find the best patent attorney for you, who will support you in asserting your rights and represent you.

Right to information
Desistance claims
Damage compensation

Opposition and invalidity proceedings

Whether you need to defend your patent and utility models, or require to attack third-party property rights, you can rely on the many years of experience of our partner attorneys. They stand up for your rights and represent you before (inter)national offices, authorities and courts.

Patent opposition proceedings
Patent revocation proceedings (BPatG)
Patent nullity appeal proceedings (BGH)
Cancellation of utility models

Opposition and cancellation proceedings

Should another company register a confusable trademark or attack your trademark application, your attorney is at your side. The subsequent cancellation of a competitor trademark is also possible under certain circumstances.

Trade mark opposition proceedings
trademark cancellation
Design cancellation
IP Consulting

Legal and management consulting from one source

IP counseling & portfolio management

Relieve your patent department. Our partner attorneys take over the direct and legal support of your development departments already during the product development process. In addition, they advise you from competition and trend analyses to the strategic positioning of your IP portfolio.

R&D department support
Competition analyses
Trend analyses
Strategic IP Portfolio Management

Invention harvesting workshops

Together with your developers, our partner attorneys identify valuable inventions in your specialist areas, as well as their core ideas and relevant forms of implementation. This way, your company remains focused on the protection of your IP.

Product development cycle analysis
Integration into the innovation process
Identification of protectable inventions

Innovation management & employee invention law

Innovations arise in the minds of your employees, customers and partners. Together with our partner attorneys you develop lean processes to promote and guide them in a targeted manner. Of course, patent attorneys always take into account the German Employee Invention Act (ArbnErfG) and the associated rights and obligations for you as an employer.

Process analyses
Service Design Thinking
Adjustment to corporate strategy
Employee Invention Act (ArbnErfG)
We find the right patent attorney for you

First-degree engineers and scientists

Patent attorneys are engineers and scientists in their first course of studies. We attach particular importance to the selection of the appropriate lawyer - so you speak at eye level, from expert to expert.

Electrical engineering
computer science
mechanical engineering
Biology & BiotecH
medical technology

Protect your innovations and valuable assets, now

Discuss with your attorney potential courses of action and prospects of success for the protection of your products and inventions.

As professionally experienced engineers and scientists with sound legal expertise, patent attorneys understand your innovations - from expert to expert. Thanks to their legal studies and stations at the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) in Munich and the Federal Patent Court (BPatG), they know exactly what matters to the decision-makers at the Office.
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