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"We are rethinking the traditional model of collaboration. Our focus is on client and attorney, supported by modern ways of working."
Alexander Füg, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Sustainable and professional

Modern office space and an inspiring environment enable a contemporary work culture. Combined with a fully digitalised working environment, lawyer and client decide together how and where they like to work.


As a client you can already inform yourself intensively on our pages. We want to help you understand the complex world of patents, trademarks and designs. Therefore, we will present you with the necessary basics so that you can enter the initial consultation in a targeted manner.

Experienced Attorneys

Especially in the case of patents, the technical and professional match between patent attorney and invention is critical for success. With us clients and attorneys always find each other on a purely subject-related basis.

Free initial consultation

Our partner attorneys always inform before costs arise. During the initial consultation, your attorney will provide you with an initial assessment of possible procedures, costs and prospects of success for the optimal protection of your idea.

All services digital and on-site

Your attorney is available for you by telephone, video and in person in the noventive offices. This is especially helpful so that he is quickly available for your concerns - no matter where you are.

Focus on legal advice

With noventive patent attorneys can fully concentrate on what they like to do best: successfully advise and represent their clients. As a result, clients do not pay for analog back-office processes, only for professional legal advice from a highly specialized attorney.

innovative automation

At noventive we work fully digital from the initial enquiry to the quotation, collaboration and filing. This is innovative for the industry and saves resources sustainably.

Transparent offers

Your attorney discusses possibilities, opportunities and risks before any costs are incurred. You will receive a transparent offer with a detailed scope of services.

Fair invoicing

Thanks to our attractive fixed prices with no formal fees and no hidden costs, you always have an overview of your expected expenses and the services you can expect.

Highest security standards

We work fully encrypted on German servers. This corresponds to our understanding and is a basic requirement for a trustful cooperation.

Two-Factor Authentication

By consistently using two-factor authentication in all our systems, we prevent accidental and deliberate data loss and theft.

Strong encryption

We are TLS certified, i.e. our connections are maximally secured via TLS encryption. TLS stands for Transport Layer Security and is a hybrid encryption protocol for secure data transmission on the Internet.

Server location germany

Your highly sensitive data should be stored in an access-protected manner according to German law. That is why we have deliberately chosen Germany as our server location.


Protect your innovations and valuable assets, now

Discuss with your attorney potential courses of action and prospects of success for the protection of your products and inventions.

As professionally experienced engineers and scientists with sound legal expertise, patent attorneys understand your innovations - from expert to expert. Thanks to their legal studies and stations at the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) in Munich and the Federal Patent Court (BPatG), they know exactly what matters to the decision-makers at the Office.
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