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Why do SMEs register IP rights?  

Both small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large corporations are dealing with the protection of intellectual property - especially in the innovation and development process.    

But what are the reasons why companies apply for IP rights (trademarks, patents and designs)?  
In answering this question, we focus on small and medium-sized enterprises. The EUIPO surveyed nearly 9000 SMEs from 28 European countries. The answers show that small and medium-sized enterprises protect their intellectual property for a variety of reasons.

Overview of reasons for registering IP rights  
(percentages based on the EUIPO SME survey)  

  • Prevent copying (79%)
  • Better legal certainty (74%)
  • Increases value and image (73%)
  • More effective enforcement (50%)
  • Improves Other negotiation position (45%)
  • Common practice (38%)
  • Obtain licensing revenues (23%)
  • Improves chance of financing (22%)
  • Other (7%)

Thus, SMEs do not only want to protect their innovations against their competitors. The expansion of their own business through a strengthened position and new sources of revenue are also very important.

Depending on the individual objectives, different filing strategies can be used to secure property rights in the long term. Our patent and trademark attorneys will evaluate possible approaches for the successful protection of your intellectual property.

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